About the Site:

Right in the midst of a dynamic and emerging technology, 360 Virtual Tourist provides an experience closest to reality in the world of photography. The whole concept revolves around the fact that flat 2D pictures will never show the whole story. 360° Virtual Tour provides a new avenue for viewers to feel like they are actually in the picture where they can explore and interact with their fingertips.


360 Virtual Tourist started as a blog website https://360virtualtourist.com on May 2012. It showcases the Photographer’s 360° panoramic photos and travel blog from different countries in Asia.

 360 Virtual Tourist was previously a registered sole-proprietorship business in Singapore until 2018 and is now based in Sydney, Australia. Established in February 2013, it has since proven its place in the emerging virtual tour industry in Singapore with our list of world-renowned clients and their iconic properties. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding work, professionalism, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus keeping us ahead of the competition. Experience in a wide range of industries from hospitality, F&B to real estate coupled with technical expertise and the use of high-tech equipment makes 360 Virtual Tourist the ideal choice for all your online virtual tour marketing. Our virtual tours are 100% mobile friendly, viewable in all devices & tablets especially the iPhone/iPad and Android devices. Virtual Tours are not video, they are a series of photos taken by a high-resolution DSLR camera, stitched together and then processed into an interactive interface. We also provide real 360° videos captured with a high-resolution 360° video camera.

Navigation & controls:

All virtual tours in this website are interactive and you can navigate it using your mouse by “click & drag” to rotate the view in 360° or you can also use the arrow key buttons in the screen or PC keyboard. You can zoom-in/zoom-out by using the scroll button of your mouse or the on-screen buttons or by pinching if you are using a touchscreen device.

Some virtual tours have built-in hotspots in a form of blinking circle icons hotspot_ani_black_64x64x20or arrowsvtourskin_hotspot, just click it to go to the next scene, or you can simply click the thumbnails button krpano_thumbs-button at the bottom left to select a scene. You can view the virtual tours in full screen, by clicking the full-screen button krpano_fullscreen-on and clicking it again to exit full screen krpano_fullscreen-off. Some virtual tours auto-spin on start, you can turn it on/off by clicking the circular rotating arrow button autorotate_button.

About the Owner/Photographer:

James Fabian is a freelance 360° Panoramic Photographer, a Google Street View Trusted Photographer, and also the webmaster of this site. He started Photography in 2007 and in 2010 he discovered the world of 360° panoramic photography which really captured his interest and became his passion. In 2013 he started his own business providing 360° Virtual Tours, 360° Videos, Time lapse videos, and Interior/Exterior Photography in Singapore until 2018.

Originally from the Philippines where he finished a Degree in B.S. Architecture in 2004, then lived in Singapore for 11 years before migrating to Sydney, Australia in 2018. Currently, he has a full-time career in Architecture.

If you have any inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact James Fabian via email at jamesfabian@360virtualtourist.com