Berkelah Falls Trekking at Pahang, Malaysia

A virtual tour of our Berkelah Falls trekking at Pahang, Malaysia.

This is our whole group in this trekking, more than 20 of us and consists of families, friends, & colleagues. This is the campsite that we’ve reached after 2 hrs. from the starting point. We took a quick lunch and rest before we continued the trek to the top of the waterfall. The 2nd leg of the trek is much lighter because we are not carrying many things, only water & snacks since we left everything at the campsite. I prefer it this way compared to our usual trekking where we carry everything the whole time and only pitching our tent when we reach the end which is the camp site.

Even though we are not carrying that much during the 2nd leg, it’s still hard because of the very challenging path up to the waterfall. It’s actually so dangerous that I don’t want to try this particular waterfall trek again 🙂 Just one wrong step and you’re done. Some of the kids we’re forced to go back to the campsite halfway up, they we’re escorted by their parents.

But upon reaching the waterfall, I can say that it’s worth it. It’s very beautiful than what it looks like in the pictures. We ran out of water even before we reached the waterfall and I almost had a heatstroke. It’s the first time I drank a litre of water from the small stream of river which is part of the waterfall. I’m surprised that it doesn’t taste bad and it’s like a chilled bottle of mineral water 🙂 This trek is a once in a lifetime experience for me.

This is the camp site which took us roughly 2 hrs to reach from the starting point. From my iPhone GPS, the camp site altitude is roughly 120 m (400 ft) which is 70 m (230 ft) from our starting point. There are a lot of camp sites in berkelah falls and this is the first one.

A close view of our tent. It looks like a good place to pitch a tent because of the shade, but little did we know that we’re sitting on a dried up pool of water. We only realised it while we are sleeping that night when it rained very hard and noticed that our tent was floating. We are like sleeping on a water bed 🙂

This is another view from our camp site where you can see one of the lower tiers of the waterfall. We need to go thru the slippery and steep path of rocks to go down the river to take a bath and wash our dishes. The current is very strong so you can’t go that far.

Berkelah Falls is a cascading falls which consists of seven tiers. This is the view from the seventh tier and is usually the end of the trekking before the trekkers go back to their camp site.

From my iPhone GPS, the altitude is roughly 229 m (751 ft) that is more or less 100m (328 ft) from our camp site and it took us 2.5 hrs to reach the Falls. The water is very cold and very deep than it looks in the picture, we don’t know how deep it is because we really can’t feel the bottom. The current is very strong so we don’t dare to swim too far as you can risk yourself from falling down to the sixth tier. The sixth tier is the best place to swim because there is no strong current, although it’s a bit deep.