Jiu Fen Old Street

Take a 360° virtual tour of Jiu Fen Old Street in Taipei, Taiwan. Jiu Fen or Chiufen is a small village that sits on high hills beside the mountains. It’s full of local snacks vendors, accessories shops, as well as souvenirs. Some of the food specialties here are taro balls, steamed taro cakes, herbal rice cakes, and fried meat balls. Chinese tea houses here are popular among tourists and locals. You can also enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains and ocean when you reach the end of the old street.

Legend has it that the name Chiufen came from nine families who used to live in this village. Chiufen means “nine pieces” in Mandarin. In the olden days, there are no transportation which makes it hard to go to the market. So when one family shop for groceries, they would divide what they bought into nine pieces and distribute to the nine families in the village.