Oak Valley Winter Ski Resort South Korea

This is a 360° video virtual tour of Oak Valley ski resort South Korea. Shot from a GoPano lens attachment for iPhone 4, it’s not that sharp but this is one of the first gadget, one-shot, portable 360° lens for a smartphone! (Year 2012)

Photos and videos here are all shot at the training area only because this our first time skiing. For the pros there is a cable ride to the top of the hill where you can ski your way down.

This is the lighting at the Ski Resort at night, around 9 p.m. when we just arrived at the Oak Valley hotel. They are open until 3 a.m. everyday during winter.

Oak valley ski resort south korea - night 1


Oak valley ski resort south korea - night 2Oak valley ski resort south korea



















Because of limited time we only tried skiing for 3 hrs, and it’s very hard 🙂

The start of this video is inside the Oak Valley hotel’s lobby which is very near to the ski area.



We didn’t expect the travel agent would give us a huge unit with 3 bedrooms just for the two us, although the 2 extra bedrooms are Tatami rooms.